The Supernatural Power of Making Decisions Series

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Your current quality of life is directly related to the quality of your past decisions.

In this teaching series you will learn that decisions:

  • come from beliefs.
  • are a form of exercising our personal authority.
  • are made from our perception, so if our perception is faulty so are our decisions.
  • open the door to the grace of God and the grace of God empowers us to live our decisions.
  • actually create the physical energy to accomplish the goal.

(6 Messages)

This in-depth teaching series is excellent for individual or small group study!



These teaching sessions include:

  1. Supernatural Power of Decisions
  2. The Matrix of Life
  3. All Things Are Already Mine
  4. Confessions of a Persuaded Heart
  5. Breaking Free From Your Emotional Past
  6. From Believer to Disciple

Daily decisions may, more than anything else, reflect what is in your heart. Decisions are made in direct proportion to self-worth, identity, and belief in the promises of God.

Since we are freewill beings created in the likeness and image of God who have authority over our own lives, we can rarely have a quality of life greater than our willingness to choose that life in every situation. Even when we are blessed or prospered by someone else’s kindness, we usually lose or destroy it because it is beyond the scope of our personal beliefs.

We hope for good outcomes from our decisions about jobs, relationships, and health, yet too often suffer disappointments. Many times our failure to choose the outcome God promised (which is, by default, failure to choose life) means that situation will go the way of the world. Because of past disappointment, we are sometimes afraid to decide on a great outcome. But more than anything else, we don’t know it is our choice, our right, and our responsibility to choose life: an outcome based on the person and promises of God!

Always remember:

  • Understanding how to accomplish goals follows decisions.
  • Self-worth is the matrix around which all decisions are made.
  • Failure to choose life is, by default, choosing death.
  • Vows are internal decisions that we have not verbalized.

Making godly decisions moves us into the realm of the Kingdom of God with all its resources. Failure to make decisions creates a default to the world’s system. Kingdom living requires personal, daily choices to have the outcome God promised!

This in-depth teaching series is excellent for individual or small group study!

(6 Messages)

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