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Real People: Changed Lives!

Real People, Changed Lives: Joanne, Canada

Words fail to express how deeply grateful I am to Dr. Jim for being willing to go against the religious tide and teach God’s truth in all its glory.  And I am so incredibly thankful to God for keeping me soft and pliable until I was ready to receive the life He offers us as His children. So, a huge shout out to Impact Ministries for all that they have meant to so many of us who truly want to walk in truth.  It is very much appreciated.  ~Joanne, Canada

Testimony from J.

Thanks to God and to all of you and to Dr. Richards for the ministry. I found Dr. Richards on Sid Roth’s show on vacation last summer. I bought Wired for Success, read it several times and saw the included messages several times (and will again). I went on to get Essential Heart Physics which is part of my daily life for the last several months. I’ve been blessed by Creating Wealth, The Gospel of Peace, several others, and lately, New Covenant Prayer: How to Set Your Life in Order. Learning to pray according to the Bible is a major game changer, folks. I have so much still to learn after decades of receiving bogus teaching, but I’m seeing early success! ~J~

Testimony from TL

Hello, Jim, Brenda, & Impact Family!
I don’t know where to begin in telling you how much we are continuing to grow with all the tools. I know this sounds like the same old “Thank you” and “The tools are amazing” –but, No! We are going on three and a half years of working with our heart and we thought it was amazing in year one -but now we are living with real changes of heart, ongoing deep marital closeness and have gone back to basics. Both my husband and I are using The Prayer Organizer with a realization that some issues just need that “go in the closet, come out dead or alive” approach! Also, I can’t even express how the Moving Your Invisible Boundaries book is your finest work. We love it and read a chapter a day. All the little pieces are coming into a clear big picture view. God Bless You all! ~TL

Testimony From K.O.

I actually grew up in this true foundation of faith about thirty years ago, and this is what I preached for many years as a minister, but as I began to mix with different ministries I lost what I had known to be true spirituality. I thank God for your consistency in the faith; it has personally revived my faith in God. Again, thank you Dr. Richards for making the Foundations of Faith online class free for all. God bless. ~K.O.

Testimony From D.O.

My wife and I did the free Foundations of Faith online class together and it was great. Not only did we learn much but it opened our eyes and hearts to other possibilities. Thank you so much for strengthening our resolve and love for our Creator. God Bless you and your ministry. ~D.O.

Testimony from R.M.

Jim ,
I am reading your book [Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide to the Second Coming] now and it sure opens my eyes and makes me realize that we need God in these times. Yes, I have recommended your book to other believers. Love ~RM

Testimony From T.S.

Thank you for sharing the gospel via internet! I just started listening to your teaching on prayer![New Covenant Prayer: How to Set Your Life in Order] Your teaching on Faith was awesome! God bless you abundantly. ~TS~

Testimony from Susan in Vienna

Dear Jim, We continue to be overwhelmingly blessed (as Americans living abroad) by your ministry here in Vienna, Austria. Thank you for the strategies you are implementing to multiply this authentic gospel and especially for Heart Physics! I am so excited to be a World Changer with your ministry! Our love to you and your staff at Impact, ~Susan in Vienna

Testimony from Anthony

I read the Gospel of Peace. Fantastic book!!! Best book I have read, as well as Breaking The Cycle….I’m going to have to read those 2 book over and over because there is so many new things in there that touched me or made me think. I need to get that stuff in my heart and change all the lies I have been told about an angry God. ~Anthony Maxwell Streeten

Testimony From Will and Jaime Riddle

I have been searching for the truth now with all that I am for several years, and I believe that this book [Grace: The Power To Change] comes the closest I’ve found so far to presenting a totally scriptural Gospel, that is neither based on “cheap grace” or a legalistic grace negating self-righteousness. This book is very intensive on the Word, with few anecdotes, or personal notes, and its aim is to get you to fully believe and trust God’s grace in every area of your life, and believe that that grace will change you and empower you to live the Christian life you’ve wanted to live since you got saved but couldn’t. God bless your search for Him and His Kingdom!!! ~Will and Jaime Riddle