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Hello, my name is Jim Richards, the pastor and director of Impact Ministries. Welcome to our website!  Our single purpose for this site is to help you be made whole by the love of God. This site is here to provide tools to help those who want to know and walk with God without religious trappings. I want to make sure you get the greatest benefit possible from your time with us!

Whether you have been walking with God for years, are a new believer, or struggling with your faith, we have tools and resources that will help you. I want you to know, no matter where you are in your walk or your struggle, God loves you and has already made a way for you to have a better life than you ever thought possible.

In one place the Bible tells us that the world blasphemes God continuously because they don’t see Him as He is. It goes on to describe the pain people are experiencing because of the religious deception taught to them by their leaders. That’s exactly why the world has so much difficulty following God today; it’s impossible to follow someone you don’t trust and it’s impossible to trust someone you believe will hurt you. I discovered that few people actually have a problem with God but, just as the Prophet Isaiah said, they have a problem with religion.

Religion takes what should be the best experience of our life and turns it into rules and regulations. Religion makes God seem hard, legalistic, difficult to please and so very distant. Walking with Jesus, on the other hand, presents the opportunity for life at its very best. Jesus said when we believe His interpretation and application of the Scripture it will be easy and light! Walking with God shouldn’t be hard or a burden, it should be a life of wholeness, peace and joy!

God wants you to be whole spiritually, emotionally and physically and He wants you to be happily fulfilled. That can only happen when you have peace in your heart and you feel loved and accepted with no fear that God will ever hurt you. In other words, you have to know that God loves and accepts you. When you know that you will trust Him!

As you look at the various pages on the site, I hope you will access any of the hundreds of free teaching videos that cover dozens of topics. Or, as a new believer, you may want to go through my personal mentoring program for New Believers. Also, check out all the free resources, videos and downloads, then zero in on what speaks to your heart and take the time to invest in your own life by watching, reading and listening as you feed your heart with the unconditional love of God!

Abundant Blessings!

Jim Richards



James B. Richards

Jim RichardsIn 1972, Dr. James B. Richards accepted Christ and answered the call to ministry. His dramatic conversion and passion to help hurting people launched him onto the streets of Huntsville, Alabama. Early on in his mission to reach teenagers and drug abusers, his ministry quickly grew into a home church that eventually led to the birth of Impact Ministries.

Prior to his salvation, Jim was a professional musician with all the trappings of a worldly lifestyle. More than anything, he was searching for true freedom. Sick of himself and his empty pursuits, he hated all that his life had become. He turned to drugs as a means of escape and relief. Although he was desperate to find God, his emotional outrage made people afraid to tell him about Jesus. As he searched for help, he only became more confused and hopeless than ever.

After listening to a drunk man in a bar grumbling about a verse of scripture that a Christian had shared with him, Jim had a miraculous encounter with God. From this one scripture, he was able to experience God’s love! He gave his life to the Lord and was set free from his addictions. His whole life changed! 

Now, after years of ministry, Jim still believes there’s no one that God cannot help, and there’s no one God does not love. He has committed his life to helping people experience that love. If his life is a model for anything, it is that God never quits on anyone.

With doctorates in theology, human behavior, and alternative medicine, and an honorary doctorate in world evangelism, Jim has received certified training as a detox specialist and drug counselor, as well as a trainer for the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA).

His uncompromising yet positive approach to the Gospel strengthens, instructs, and challenges people to new levels of victory, power, and service. Jim’s extensive experience in working with substance abuse, codependency, and other social/emotional issues have led him to pioneer effective, creative, Bible-based approaches to ministry that meet the needs of today’s world.

Most importantly, Jim believes that people need to be made whole by experiencing God’s unconditional love. 

His messages are simple, practical, and powerful. His passion is to change the way the world sees God so that people can experience a relationship with Him through Jesus.

Jim and his wife, Brenda, have six daughters, 14 grandchildren, and continue to reside in Huntsville, Alabama.


  • We believe the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, to be the inspired Word of God and the complete, total and final revelation of His will for the salvation of men and the Divine and final authority for all Christian faith and life.
  • We believe in one God, Creator of all good things, infinitely perfect and eternally existing in a corporate Godhead composed of three distinct persons – the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary and was the only begotten, incarnate Son of God who died on the cross as in our place. By His resurrection He conquered sin, death and the devil. He entered the heavenly Holy of Holies to make the final offering for sin and all of its effects. Having sat down at the right hand of God, He has completed the work of salvation. There is nothing we can add to His finished work.
  • We believe all people are saved by grace through faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus.
  • We believe the ministry of the Holy Spirit is to glorify the Lord Jesus, regenerate the repentant believer, to guide the believer into all truth and to manifest Himself in all believers to minister as the Lord Jesus would to men. We believe the Holy Spirit empowers all believers to live every promise of the Bible.
  • We believe all New Testament manifestations of the Holy Spirit are available to all present -day believers.
  • We believe righteousness is a free gift given to every believer. Therefore, every believer is qualified for all of the promises of God and empowered to live in righteousness.
  • We believe God made peace with the world through the propitiation of the Lord Jesus. We believe that any person can participate in this New Covenant by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, all believers are delivered from the curse of the Law and the wrath of God.
  • We believe the grace of God empowers the believer to live in righteousness and minister in the power of God.
  • We believe the believer and the church has a commission to make disciples of every person on earth. Therefore, we should equip all believers to fulfill their life’s calling.


We believe that all sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments are the inspired Word of God. We believe they are God-breathed according to 2 Timothy 3:16. No other book or group of books is a qualified authority for Christian faith, life and service. No other pattern of ministry, worship or conduct is acceptable for the born-again Christian. We believe the Lordship of Jesus is expressed through the written Word, therefore, deviation from the written Word is a departure from true Christian faith.

We believe the Bible, as spoken in the original language, is without flaw or error. Therefore, all doctrine and interpretation must be dedicated to and consistent with the original languages as interpreted in their time.

Because Jesus and His priesthood are unchangeable (Hebrews 13:8, 7:24), we believe the New Covenant to be unchangeable. Therefore, the entire New Covenant as prophesied by the prophets, demonstrated in the ministry of Jesus, practiced by the early church and promised in the epistles is in effect today.



  1.   If you want to invite Jesus into your life, restore your relationship with the Lord or lead someone else to Jesus, be sure to check out Creation To Calvary.
  1.   If you’re a new believer and want to learn the basics of walking with God, a great place is Living Under Lordshiplocated under the GETTING STARTED tab. This is my personal mentoring program for new believers or long-time believers seeking stability.
  1.   If you have been a believer for quite a while but you want a clearer understanding of how to live in the New Covenant, take a look at The Foundations of Faith video/workbook program located under MAKING THE JOURNEY. This will cover the six doctrinal issues we must believe in order to provide a foundation for all the promises of God. This program has brought peace and stability to thousands.
  1.   If you feel called to the ministry or just want to take a very serious step in learning to have faith-based success in all areas of life, be sure to check out IISOM (Impact International School of Ministry) located under LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. For 27 years we had a residential program that launched leaders into ministry and business all around the world. Now it’s all online so you don’t have to relocate; you can stay in your local church and continue to serve while developing your heart.
  1.   If you’re interested in finding topics that address specific needs check out Cyber Church for our archive of weekly broadcasts, located under GETTING STARTED. There are dozens of individual topics and hundreds of videos all designed to help you make your journey with God easy and light.
  1.   If you’re a serious disciple investing in your own growth, go to our online STORE and browse more than one hundred series and books that will provide you with incredible in-depth instruction for application of the truth. Plus, when you purchase from our store, eighty-five cents out of every dollar go into helping us take this gospel to the ends of the earth!
  1.   If you have a passion to help raise up a billion disciples around the world, be sure to check out the Operation One Billion project, also located under LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT.
  1.   If you’re interested in starting a  home meeting or book club using either our weekly broadcasts or one of our books, check out Start an iGroup under MAKING THE JOURNEY.
  1.   If you want to join me at one of our conferences across North America, check out our EVENTS page located in the main navigation bar and you’ll find all the information you’ll need to connect with us at one of our live meetings!
  1. Last but not least, If  you’ve heard someone mention Heart Physics® or you’re hungry to learn how to relate to Jesus in your heart, take a look at  our Heart Physics® site. You’ll find the link under MAKING THE JOURNEY. Pay special attention to Essential Heart Physics® as your starting place to begin the transformation journey of a lifetime!

There’s obviously a lot more than these, but these are the places where most people want to start.
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