Psychological Reversal

Identifying The Beliefs Of The Heart

Many people are deeply disappointed when they can’t get what they believe to actually come to pass. Very often the cause of this dilemma is a conflict between what they intellectually embrace and what they actually believe.

Intellectual ideas are a product of the mind. These thoughts are ideas we have learned through intellectual input and they can stimulate our emotions giving us the false sensation that they’re actually beliefs.

Beliefs, on the other hand, are a product of the heart. Beliefs are the result of emotional  input that causes us to attach them to our personal identity.

 We may not have actually chosen or even want our beliefs. They usually happen by default in a situation  where a teacher embarrasses us or when a parent, a person of authority or someone with whom we have an emotional attachment says something negative about us. The stronger the emotion we feel about their statements or accusations, the greater the likelihood it will influence our beliefs, i.e. our sense of self.

These beliefs abide at a subconscious level where we often have little or no conscious awareness that we hold them. Occasionally, when opportunity presents itself, we will become aware of the feeling of unworthiness or fear of failure, but the majority of time they control our decisions without our understanding of why or how.

These beliefs create our personal boundaries and define our sense of worthiness. When opportunities present themselves that are beyond our sense of worthiness or qualification we will either avoid the opportunities for success, experience a degree of success and then self-sabotage, or think we are in complete acceptance and believe and pursue the goal only to fall short of realizing the success we desire.

This conflict between the conscious mind and the heart is sometimes called a psychological reversal. Consciously, we desire and choose an outcome, all the while feeling unworthy at a subconscious level. This simple exercise will help you identify the presence of a psychological reversal. Then by using Biblically based EFT or any of the many Heart Physics® tools I have developed you can eliminate that reversal, bring your heart and mind into harmony and move forward with your life.