Want To Make An Eternal Impact?

Watch this important video from Jim Richards about why being a World Changer is so important today.

What is a World Changer?

A World Changer is someone who answers Jesus’ call to “go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you (Matthew 28:19).”

World Changers are those who have received benefit from this ministry, and who, because the love of God is being perfected (brought to its full and original intention) in them, is making sure the rest of the world has an opportunity to know and experience God through the New Covenant!

World Changers financially support Impact Ministries to accomplish the goals of the Gospel.

Why must we change the way the world sees God?

We are standing on the eve of some of the darkest times in human history. We are, most certainly, in what Jesus called “The Beginning of Sorrows.” Lawlessness (iniquity) has engulfed the world. Every religious and political system on earth has failed to produce the promised Utopia. People are desperate and filled with fear!

The Antichrist religion (Islam) is fulfilling every Bible prophecy about the end and they’re committed to the destruction of Israel and Christianity. They’re beheading, crucifying, burning alive, drowning and butchering Christians who won’t convert. They seek to overthrow the morals and values of God (change the laws) with Sharia. They’re awaiting the man of iniquity, the one the Bible calls “the antichrist,” but they will call him the Imam. He is the false prophet. But most devastating is that leaders of the world are facilitating their rise to power because of their desire to create an elitist utopian society where they and their heirs maintain all power and all wealth!

Today people are leaving the Church by the millions. The masses are burned-out on the religious game-playing and endless regimen of performance. The exit from the established church is no indicator, however, that people don’t want God; on the contrary, people want God, but they’re sick of religion!

The Prophet Isaiah spoke of the day when God’s people would suffer needlessly and have a seeming inability to live in victory. When asked why such a travesty could happen God said, Because of your leaders the people howl and mourn and my name is blasphemed continually! But then Isaiah prophesied of a day when people would turn to Him because they would see Him as He is, and in that day they would proclaim how lovely on the mountains are the feet of them who proclaim the Gospel of Peace! (Isaiah 52:5-7; Romans 10:15).

We are the generation that is publishing the message of grace, faith righteousness and the Gospel of Peace. For over forty years I’ve brought this message to America and the world, and as a result millions have been saved and millions more have heard and received the message and have fallen deeply in love with God!

Tens of millions around the world are responding to this Gospel of the Kingdom. Now we must train pastors and leaders to prevent new believers from being sucked back into religious control. We need to launch missionaries to take this message to the unsaved and we need to train teachers to minister in churches that are open and ready to experience God in a new and powerful way! But, most importantly, we must teach people to know God for themselves. Every believer must have oil in his or her lamp and have no need to go to someone else when faced with a challenge!

As people discover the Covenant of Peace they will see God as He is and trust Him, then they will hear and follow His voice to be an overcomer when others are collapsing through fear.

To become a World Changer simply click on the link below. Together we will create a synergistic momentum that will:

Change the way the world sees God!

Things your contributions make possible:

  • A weekly internet broadcast viewed by tens of thousands around the world
  • Promoting Operation One Billion – a strategic plan to make one billion disciples around the world
  • Operation Influencer – a strategic plan to influence people of power and influence so they will multiply the message to their followers
  • Presenting the Gospel of Peace, grace, faith-righteousness and the unchanging love of God to a hurting world!
  • Training a new breed of leaders who preach the New Covenant and are committed to serving others
  • Publishing some of the most powerful, relevant, cutting-edge Christian books and literature of this generation
  • Getting people who have been turned off by religion saved and following Jesus
  • Providing support for pastors, evangelists, teachers, missionaries and leaders in America and around the world
  • Playing a major role in recovering and restoring fallen ministers
  • Moving the Church into the forefront of setting people free from the bondage of addictions, oppression and deception
  • Providing a School of Ministry to train ministers in the most effective principles and methods of ministry for this day
  • Entering into a synergistic alliance to do something greater than any of us could do alone
  • Equipping this generation to be overcomers in the darkest time in human history
  • Creating the greatest move of God the world has ever seen by doing my part in changing the way the world sees God!

Join with me and thousands of others today and we will do together what none of us can do alone!

What do World Changers get?

  • Monthly World Changers Letter
  • Discounts on hundreds of CDs, DVDs and books
  • Discounts on many of our special meetings
  • Special School of Ministry Program
  • World Changers Weekend with Dr. Richards and the Impact Team
  • Private World Changers’ pages on Impact website
  • Occasional “World Changers Only” internet downloads
  • Our World Changers Team ready to pray with you at any time!
  • Occasional free messages
  • A free World Changers Orientation packet
  • The opportunity to fulfill Jesus’ call to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth
  • A world of personal satisfaction that comes from living for a Kingdom Purpose

My Promise to You!

I promise to never:

  • Use negative, fear-based tactics
  • Manipulate you through guilt
  • Bombard you with crisis-oriented literature
  • Deviate from the call God gave this ministry
  • Depart from this Gospel
  • Promise you what God alone can give in exchange for supporting this ministry

I promise I will always:

  • Tell you the truth
  • Do everything I can to help you find wholeness through the love of God
  • Manage your contributions responsibly
  • Bring you messages that are timely and relevant
  • Equip you to know God for yourself
  • Develop you as an overcomer

“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor; For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up…a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” (Ecclesiastes 9, 10, 12b)