Foundations Of Faith

Essential Steps To a Rock Solid Foundation

Congratulations on making the incredibly important decision to invest in your faith. This course will bring more than you ever imagined to your faith and your life. It is the foundation that makes a building unshakeable. It doesn’t matter the quality of the materials, without a solid foundation every house will fall in the slightest wind.

Completing this course, The Foundations of Faith, will be one of the most important decisions you have ever made. It will be this foundation that will make it possible for you to face and conquer all of life’s struggles. This is your road to unshakeable faith!

Jesus came to establish a New Covenant. A covenant is essentially a contract. It’s the terms whereby God relates to us. It is literally the Last Will and Testament of our Lord and Savior. This process is so important that it was sealed by the blood of Jesus. It is highly offensive to God for us to approach Him or attempt to relate to Him on any other basis than the finished work of Jesus. To do so, is to count the blood (death and suffering) of the Lord Jesus as nothing.

No Christian really intends to count the blood as nothing, but the sad truth is Christians are more rooted in the law, the terms of the Old Covenant, than in the New Covenant. Nothing accounts for the impotent faith of the church more than this one factor. God told the children of Israel they limited God primarily because they were not steadfast in the covenant. We have a much better covenant than they had and we have much better promises than they had, yet how much more do we limit God simply because we are not standing on the foundation of New Testament faith?

When Paul explained how we can stand in the midst of life’s struggles he likened it to a soldier going into battle. To help us grasp the need for thorough personal preparation he used the metaphor of a soldier putting on his armor. In hand-to-hand combat the final and most important thing required was to maintain your footing. All your weapons and armor were useless if you couldn’t stand. Standing firm is the equivalent of having a firm foundation. In Eph. 6:15 Paul said it like this: have your feet fitted with the readiness (of mind) that comes from the (thorough preparation in the) gospel of peace. The ultimate foundation is how established we are in this Gospel, good news, about God making peace with man through the Lord Jesus!

This foundational course will help you establish your mind so you will be prepared to respond to every life challenge from the basis of the Gospel of Peace. Each class will be like a master craftsman laying the stone upon which every other aspect of the Gospel stands.

To aid in your personal journey into unshakeable faith we will recommend materials with every class designed to help you go to the depths of every foundational truth. Take time to read each book or listen to the recommended series. It will be part of building your faith on the foundation of the apostles with Christ Himself being the very cornerstone of your faith.

Jim Richards