Living Under Lordship

The Personal Mentoring Program of Dr. Jim Richards

LIving Under Lordship personal mentoring program Dr. Jim Richards

The material in this program is exactly what I used to personally develop believers into disciples. This program is how we took thousands of people from living in destitution to living productive, peace-filled lives. The only difference would be the fact that we would be able to have a little more personal conversation if we were talking face to face. But, the material is the same.

This is the perfect starting place for the new believer who wants to avoid all the pitfalls of religion, but is fully committed to following Jesus. And it’s also the opportunity for those believers who have struggles with their faith to develop an unshakable foundation and bring an end to their wavering and doubt. This is your opportunity to move from being a convert to a disciple!

There is a reason so many people start the journey with Jesus and end up shipwrecked in their faith! It’s simple! The church rejected Jesus’ directive to make disciples unto Him. Developing disciples takes time. It was too inconvenient for the aristocrats of the early church era. They just wanted the blessing of being a Christian, with no change in lifestyle. The church was more of a business than a ministry. The corrupt church wanted the money, the corrupt aristocrats wanted absolution!

With a movement that was called the Protestant Reformation, people eventually came to realize that “joining the church” was not the equivalent of being in Jesus. No man, regardless of his title could absolve us of our sins. So eventually there was a return to an individual, personal belief in Jesus as a means to salvation. Even though this was a quantum leap, it still did not comply with Jesus’ instruction.

Every year millions of people “convert to Christianity,” but only a small number live in victory. Many never overcome the struggles they had before they were saved. Sadly, many fall away. Some fall back into their addictions, sins and personal struggles. Some, who are still hungry for God, end up in cults, and false religions. All of this is easily avoidable: 1) Make a commit to Jesus as Lord. 2) Renew your mind with the word of God and choose that for your standard of values, morals and conduct. 3) Develop a personal intimate relationship with Jesus 4) Learn to hear and follow the voice of the Holy Spirit in your heart. This program will facilitate all of this happening!

Getting Started

Simply sign in and start watching the videos. This course is free! It is my gift to you. It is an investment in your personal life, as well as the Kingdom of God. I want you to be equipped to live your destiny as you follow God!

The Program

I strongly encourage you to go through every module in the order they are offered. Start with the introduction then Creation to Calvary. Even if you have been born again for decades, Creation to Calvary shows you the basics of the Gospel and it equips you to introduce others to Jesus as Lord! However, if you find that you want to do a specific module out of sequence you can do so.

Use This to Help Others

You can take others through this program. Use Creation to Calvary to introduce them to Jesus. Then sign them up and meet with them as a personal sponsor and guide them through the program. It will be helpful to them and to you. Something changes in you when you share your faith with others. The apostle Paul said, I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ (Philemon 1:6, NIV).

For Your Convenience

I would highly recommend that you download our app from the home page. With the app you can do your personal Bible Study anywhere from your phone, tablet or computer. Plus, this makes it possible for you to meet with those you are sponsoring in a restaurant, at work or anywhere, as you mentor them. Plus, there are special offers and free downloads that are not available anywhere else.

Special Offers

As you go through this program you will receive special offers available only to those who are making this journey with Jesus. They will not be required, but they will be great resources if you desire to develop your heart in a specific area. This is why it is important that every person you mentor, sign up. They too will identify tools that will be a special help to them.