Operation One Billion

Training Local Leaders to take the message of God’s grace, peace, faith righteousness, and incredible love to the world.

Operation One Billion is a plan God gave me to reach one billion people around the world with the message of God’s grace, peace, faith righteousness, and incredible love. We spent years digitizing our Impact International School of Ministry classes but had no idea how we would distribute them.

But God showed me that we could work with people who are already taking this message to the world. Wherever they go, they can start a Bible School. Ed Elliott, an international evangelist, has started Bible Schools on his motorcycle journeys through Africa and Asia and influenced those who are already teaching in Bible Schools and pastoring churches. Through the efforts of men like Ed Elliott this message is being multiplied farther than we can ever imagine or measure.

Through ministries like Ed’s we have experienced a graduating class from inside of a Mississippi prison and Bible school graduates form third world countries. There are those rare people out there who aren’t afraid to work together. They have no concern with who gets the credit; they just want to follow the call of God and reach a world of hurting people. Watch for follow up reports from other team members of Operation One Billion. If you are a pastor and you want to have a passionate, effective minister in your church that is taking this message to world, these men and women we will present to you will be such an incredible blessing.

As a World Changer, your monthly support funds our efforts to reach the world with the message of God’s grace. I encourage you to face every day with the awareness that everything you do to reach the world is significant. You may not be out personally winning souls or going to the mission fields but without you none of us could go! When you grow tired of your job remind yourself it is helping you reach one billion people with the love of God! Remind yourself that we will stand before Jesus with all those we have helped and hear Him say, “Thank you,” or as the KJV says, Well done. Let purpose motivate you to live the quality of life Jesus purchased for you. Never accept less than the best, even when it doesn’t seem to be working in your own life. And never give up on the purpose of the great commission, the life as a servant, and as a steward in the Kingdom of God!
Together we are changing the way the world sees God! Never forget it!


Dr. Jim Richards

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