How to Have a Successful i-Group

Tips To Ensure Your i-Group Success
iGroups succeed for several reasons but the most essential one is the passion of the host. If you and others who are committed to launching this ministry are passionate you’ll see incredible success. America is hungry for reality. The messages you receive each week will provide the highest quality of relevant ministry. You’ll see lives transformed.

Inviting others is of utmost importance; that’s why it all starts with passion. People who are excited talk to others. Like any event, it’s only successful if there’s participation. You may want to plan something special to launch your group, possibly a social event with food. You know what works best for your friends and your community.

In deciding where to host the iGroup it’s essential to find someone who’s hospitable. Having people in your home every week is taxing for those who don’t enjoy company, but others are very natural and comfortable having guests in their home. This would be the ideal person to seek out to host your meeting if you don’t plan to host it yourself. (Having more than one person involved in the meeting contributes to its success.)

Find a comfortable setting. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just comfortable. Be sure the television, computer, or projection unit you’re using to show the Message of the Week is large enough for everyone to see. Arrange the seating so it’s easy for everyone to see, but still natural to move into discussion afterwards.

Provide written directions to the host home. Drawing a map on the back of an invitation is great. Giving directions that include the starting time and any other pertinent information serves as a friendly reminder about your iGroup.

Meeting on a regular time and day is essential; in fact, it’s best to meet at one regular location for a defined period of time because people may not be comfortable trying to find a meeting that moves weekly.

Decide in advance what you’ll do with children. Some small groups pitch in together and hire a babysitter and some groups leave that to the discretion of each parent. Other groups rotate volunteers from the group to keep the children each week. Just make sure that the kids have something to do and won’t disrupt the parents’ ability to participate.

Provide personal ministry in a way that you see fit for the group you’re trying to reach; there’s no single format that works. If you want worship beforehand – that’s fine. If not, that might be the right choice for your group. After watching the Message of the Week you may choose to have discussion about it or you may choose to pray for each other. Depend on God to give you the approach that will work for your particular group.

If you incur expenses receive occasional offerings or ask your group to “pitch in.” The cost for supplies should always be shared with the group. Giving is an essential part of receiving. When people invest in the Gospel it opens their own heart to it. Everything we know about people says they will have no value for that which comes to them free. We want people to receive and we want to multiply this message to the ends of the Earth; their giving is essential for all this to happen.

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