Leadership That Builds People Vol. 1

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I want to share with you how you can avoid the pitfalls of ministry and enter into the realm of total fulfillment.

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We are living in a day when there is a desperate cry in the hearts of the leaders, a hunger and thirst, such as there has never been. For many, there is frustration and despair. For others, there is determination and endurance. Ministers deeply desire to enter into the ministry that Jesus portrayed. Leaders in every field want to be effective at working with people. This hunger in the heart will lead to fulfillment or total abandonment.

We have all watched the fall of some of the most popular, visible men of God. To our utter dismay, we have seen their sins flaunted before the public in a tribute to their failure. With great fear and trepidation, we have said in our hearts, “Oh Lord, don’t let that happen to me.”

We have all wondered how their lives got so out of control. On the one hand, we have despised them; on the other hand, we have had compassion for them. We knew they had something real, yet we could not understand how they could fall. If we have been honest, we have all known, with the right turn of events, “That could have been me.”

Leaders do not fall overnight. Men of integrity do not wake up one morning and decide to destroy their life’s work. It all happens by degrees. There are leadership traps that can weaken you personally, destroy your hope of the future, or destroy your life.

As I look around, I see most leaders, Christian and non-Christian, unknowingly yielding to those subtle, yet deadly tendencies that will, at the very least, make leadership a negative, frustrating, unproductive adventure.

I want to share with you how you can avoid the pitfalls of ministry and enter into the realm of total fulfillment. God wants you to be effective in your call. He wants you to see the fulfillment of your vision. You can be assured of God’s strength and help to realize your dreams.

*eBook version is available in other languages!

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1 review for Leadership That Builds People Vol. 1

  1. Ricky Venter

    I’ve been reading this amazing volume on and off for the past 3 years. When we do not operate from a place of understanding our identity in Christ as leaders of God’s people our own insecurities can become the very things that trip us up in ministry. Such good clear Holy Spirit inspired thinking on a very crucial subject.

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