Moving Your Invisible Boundaries

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Moving Your Invisible Boundaries provides the principles that have been proven in counseling sessions and drug recovery programs, through personal mentoring, and by thousands who have put them into practice through my Heart Physics® programs.

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Anyone serious about making this journey of the heart should start with this book.

Moving Your invisible Boundaries is a comprehensive book that provides an in-depth biblical understanding of the heart and its function. It will provide you with biblical principles, easy to use applications, and prepare you for explicit principles of living from the heart. Almost all of your questions concerning the heart, biblical meditation, and dozens of related topics will be answered. It will be the book you reference for the rest of your life to understand your heart journey.

Have you ever set goals, trained for maximum results, and followed the same personal development plan that seems to work for everyone else, only to hit an “invisible boundary” that causes you to fall short? Unless you know how to expand your heart, you will sabotage any success that might take you beyond your current heart boundaries. Even if you manage to push past your current heart boundaries, chances are, you will experience some catastrophic event that pulls you back within the limits of life as you have known it!

Moving Your Invisible Boundaries is the result of 40 years of research and clinical practice. These principles have been proven in counseling sessions, drug recovery programs, personal mentoring, and thousands who have put them into practice through Dr. Jim Richards’ Heart Physics® Programs.

This book is designed to take you past information, past self-growth, and into a life that experiences God, His promises, and the resurrection life of Jesus. By discovering and implementing the distinctions between the mind and the heart, you will experience the secret to limitless living! Rather than just hearing and reading the transformation stories of others, your life will be a transformation story. When you learn how to change your heart, you will be able to move your invisible boundaries and begin to experience the joy of limitless living!

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8 reviews for Moving Your Invisible Boundaries

  1. Never Stop Reaching

    Dr. Richards does it again! I have read all of his books. This is by far his best yet. His gift for teaching how to release your full potential is remarkable. It is great to have such a qualified Dr. show God’s heart for man in a way that is easy and painless. In a world of people talking about how we should suffer, pay the price, etc., this refreshing Biblical look inside the heart has truly transformed my life. I could hardly put it down! My friends are reading it multiple times!

  2. Ann Musico, Holistic Health Coach

    I am not even totally through the book but it has been life changing. I am savoring the insights and revelations on every page and am seeing truths in a way I never did before. I am understanding in a real way what sin is and why it is so destructive and what righteousness is and why it is critical that I live in the knowledge, belief and truth that I am already righteous in Him. Life changing.

  3. Jacqulyn S. Brokaw

    When you don’t know how to change your life Jim Richards tells you how. I’ve marked most of these pages in yellow. Best book he’s written so far and includes much of his knowledge in this one book. Make it your choice for 2014.

  4. Joshua A. Rigden

    This is a staple for Christian literature and is what the American church needs desperately. Jim Richards book helped me fight my own personal insecurities and lead me down a path of greater confidence of myself because of what Christ is, what he has done and what he has made available to all who follow him through his spirit.

  5. Ross

    Excellent book…great information and help for the
    WHOLE person…spirit, soul, and body! I’m also going thru “Heart Physics Essential” a teaching series by Jim Richards. If you’re wanting to go deeper in your relationship in Christ, I highly recommend both!

  6. Holly Hennessey

    This book is awesome. I have been studying through it for months. It has so much anointed revelation and teaching a way to understand my relationship to God. I recommend this book for any disciple who wants a deeper relationship with God.

  7. Crystal

    I loved that many of my questions were answered at the exact time that I was needing them answered. That is the work of The Holy Spirit but so thankful for Dr. Jim Richards for listening to Holy Spirit in the first place.

  8. Eric Sparks

    Outstanding! One of Dr. Jim’s finest!!

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