Taking The Limits Off God eBook Bundle


Taking the Limits Off God

Like the prophet Elisha, we must boldly ask, "Where is the God of Elijah?" If we're not seeing miracles in our day, we must acknowledge that GOD HAS NOT CHANGED (James 1:17), and we are the ones who've limited what He can do in our lives. God is willing to be everything to us that He has ever been to any person in the Bible. The only thing that's changed is our perception of God.

Each chapter in this book is designed to be short enough to be read in one sitting and is a self-contained lesson about the ways we've been taught to limit God and how to can stop doing so. Pause after you read each chapter and ask the Lord to show you how you've been limiting Him. Then, ask Him to help you remove any limits you've placed on what He can do in your life.

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Taking the Limits Off God: Unleash God's Unlimited Power and Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs Series

Israel’s journey from Egypt to Canaan is a type of the believer’s journey from salvation into what the Bible calls the Kingdom. Every battle, struggle, and victory on the Israelites’ way to the Promised Land shows us how to make our journey from salvation to heaven on earth and avoid their pitfalls. While there may be many subtle factors that affected the Israelites’ journey, the Bible brings it down to a simple one: they limited God. According to the Scripture, the only thing that can limit God is the beliefs of our hearts. When your heart is “fixed,” you will be unwavering concerning God’s promises!

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Taking the Limits Off God


Taking the Limits Off God: Unleash God's Unlimited Power and Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs Series


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