Medicine for the Heart Series

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“Take this daily medication for your heart and you will be happy, healthy, and prosperous.” In this unique series, you will learn how to recover a heart that has been hurt.

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Dr. Jim Richards has done it again! He has opened the door to the heart as no one else can. This new series brings fresh insight, powerful revelations, and useful tools you can use to heal, guard, protect, and establish your heart!

The heart is like any other part of our being; it can be sick, but it can be healed. It can be injured or guarded, broken or put back together. We can look for cures, but we can also use prevention. Medicine for the Heart is a six-part series that takes a look at what the Bible prescribes as medicine for treating and protecting our hearts.

In this unique series, we discover the secrets for prevention and protection. We learn how to recover a heart that has been hurt. In these powerful messages, Dr. Richards combines the revelation of God’s Word, the latest scientific discoveries, and a wealth of practical experience to reveal practical steps to keep your heart healthy.

  • Discover the medicine that heals your heart.
  • Grow in value for yourself.
  • Learn how to engage the divine protector of the heart.
  • Break through the bitterness barrier.
  • Experience the secret of limitlessness.
  • Close the door to destructive heart influences.
  • Expand your understanding of the heart.
  • Unlock new secrets to physical and emotional health.

“Heal your heart and heal your life.” This isn’t a “rehash” of previous teaching on the heart. If you’ve benefited from Dr. Jim’s earlier lessons on the heart (for example: Developing the Heart: The Source of Life), this is a must-have. This is a must-have for anyone seeking to keep their heart whole and healthy.

“Take this daily medication for your heart, and you will be happy, healthy, and prosperous.”

This series is a must-have and one you will surely pass on to friends and family!

(6 Messages)

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