Jesus is the WAY to quality of life.

Jesus is the WAY to quality of life.The Hebrew letters in the word “path” illustrate the attitude that enables us to step onto God’s pathway of life. The root word for “path” represents a doorway into another dimension. The second letter is “Resh”, which points to repentance. Repentance isn’t what you turn away from; it’s what you turn toward. You can’t even find or step onto this path if you don’t have the attitude of being teachable.

The last letter for “path” is the “Kaf”. It’s a picture of a cup, & the idea is to empty your cup. The repentant, teachable person is always willing to empty the cup so it can be filled with the teacher’s wisdom. If we don’t empty our cup, there’s nothing God can do in our lives. It’s tantamount to rejecting Him, implying that we don’t need or want Him.  Jesus said in the parable of the sower that whatever we have, we get more of, not just in quantity but also in the quality of life we experience.

Are you ready to step onto this path where Jesus really is the way you’ll experience quality of life? Do you believe this dimension of life offers a better quality of living than anything you’ve ever heard, seen or even imagined? If so, make the decision: “Jesus, I want to move from where I am now to the path of knowing you as Lord. I surrender my opinions & trust you to be my Leader & my Teacher.”

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