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Week 1: Finding Divine Life

There are two realms in which we can live: the world’s system or the Kingdom of Heaven. Join me this week as I share how we can daily enjoy the best quality of life imaginable!
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The Bible tells us that mankind hasn’t seen, heard, or even imagined how good God has planned for our lives to be! Interestingly, if we have decided that an area of life is as good as it can get or if we settle for less than our dream, our heart and mind will immediately go to work limiting our life to that place. Don’t settle! Keep seeking and keep finding the path of divine life as God has intended!

Week 3: Entering the Narrow Gate

The parable of the narrow gate is about the Kingdom, not about getting saved. Join me this week as we look closely at what Jesus said was hard about entering the narrow gate.
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Jesus never said it was hard to get saved. Getting born again allows us to perceive the Kingdom realm. We enter, experience, and walk in the realm of Heaven on earth as we recognize Jesus as our source, our strength, our Lord. Then we find we’re walking in the place where His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Week 5: Righteousness Of The Heart

Righteousness has to start from the heart. Join me this week to gain an important distinction between good behavior and true righteousness.
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The overall concept of righteousness is “as it should be.” No amount of good behavior can produce righteousness, because it has to originate in our heart. We experience life as it should be in our heart when we are first at peace with God. When we believe that He is for us and not against us; when we trust His love rather than expect His wrath; when we seek to know His ways we will develop a hunger and thirst to be like Him. This is righteousness produced in our heart which will bear fruit in our lives.

Week 2: Entering and Unseen Dimension

Join me this week as I share how you can enter a dimension wherein your life will become a representation of heaven on earth!
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God has given us the prescription for living a divine life. The Bible says it is better than anything we’ve seen, heard, or imagined! But it cannot be perceived by the natural mind. It centers on our having a love relationship with God and conforming our values, ethics, opinions, etc. to His. When our life is great and we know it is because of God, we fall more and more in love with Him and those around us want to know Him as we do. Let’s harmonize our paradigm with God’s so we can live and walk in the unseen heavenly dimension!

Week 4: The Offense of Righteousness

Righteousness is not just a position with God. Join me this week to study what righteousness should look like in our lives.
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If you are earning righteousness, it’s about you, not Jesus. Our righteousness is only because we are in Jesus. To experience His righteousness, we must know how He applied it in His life and harmonize our own lives with that. If it doesn’t affect our behavior and how we treat others, it is of no benefit. However, when we walk in righteousness, we find it is the easiest way to live!



Jesus was one with God. He had the same quality of life possessed by the Father. As believers in Jesus, we are qualified to experience that same quality of life. It is a life that is only experienced in Him— not something we receive from Him!

Finding Divine Life will take you to a portal into another dimension where God and all His resources become your new life.

Walk through the door and discover the power of Divine Life!