People with authority make decisions and take action!

God cannot and will not violate your will or freedom of choice. Unlike the religious leaders of His day, Jesus taught as one having authority (Mark 1:22). Unlike the theoretical teaching of religionists, Jesus’ teaching and subsequent actions produced quantifiable results. His disciples wanted a connection with God that produced the same results in their lives. For that reason, they finally came to Him and asked, “Teach us to pray…”

Religion has taught us to ignore what God has declared legal or illegal through the death and resurrection of Jesus, which is tantamount to rejecting His finished work. Instead of using the authority God has given to establish His will in our lives, we ask God to use His authority. Yet, the opposite is true: God provides the power when we act on the authority He gave us. Authority activates His power, and we have been given authority in Christ. Even under the Old Covenant, there was nothing to pray about, no big mystery regarding what God wants for us. It is simply a choice when you trust and believe what God has already said.

By trusting in God’s Word, character, and nature and believing in who you are in Christ, you are empowered to act with inherent authority (your right to choose) which has been given to all mankind by our Creator! God cannot and will not violate your will or freedom of choice. The truth sets you free only when you apply it. If you know and believe what God has done for you in Jesus, it is left to you to use your authority and change the curse into a blessing. God will provide the power when you apply the truth!

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