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Week 1: Frustrated by the Promises

Join me this week as I reveal the map leading directly to the treasures of heaven we should be enjoying on earth now!

Jesus talked about heaven on earth which when heard by His audience held meaning tied to history that has been mostly lost in present day. His listeners knew that the reference to heaven on earth was a reference to the Garden of Eden. Well, who doesn’t want to live in the paradise described as Eden? However, many of us have believed the promises, but have been frustrated by not seeing their fulfillment. It might seem as though they are a hidden treasure to which the map is missing.

Week 3: Perceiving the Kingdom of God

It’s difficult to have bold faith if you’re unsure about your perception! Join me this week as I share what Jesus taught about entering and accessing the Kingdom of God.

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Jesus said becoming born again allowed us to SEE the Kingdom of God; He didn’t say we ENTERED the Kingdom. Seeing the Kingdom of God is more than perceiving that a kingdom exists. It is perceiving the resources and truths of that Kingdom, or realm, being made available to us and operating in our lives! We have to perceive the Kingdom before we can participate in it.

Week 5: Heaven on Earth: Fact or Fiction

Join me this week where I will help you enter the realm in which you recognize and know how to access all the resources of God!

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The New Covenant is a covenant of promise. It has the same promises as the Old Covenant, but the Bible says the New Covenant is better than the old. Why? It is a covenant between God and Jesus, not God and man. Jesus Himself obtained the promises for all and for eternity. Now, everything we need for life is available to us and this covenant can never be broken!

Week 7: The Kingdom First

Jesus taught principles of living by priority. Join me this week to explore the proper order of things in the Kingdom.

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Priority living can make the difference in how successful your efforts are! When Jesus instructed His listeners to do something first, there was a reason for the priority that directly affected the result. Even obedience can turn out bad if you’ve missed the point for obeying. When first things are truly considered first, your heart is in the best place for receiving the maximum benefit available for whatever you are doing!

Week 2: The Kingdom Revealed

Join me this week to gain greater understanding of how to live in and access the realm of the Kingdom of Heaven right now while living on earth!

Jesus taught more about the kingdom of heaven than any other topic. His model prayer demonstrated the need to understand the gospel of the kingdom. It is clearly about far more than just going to heaven after you die; it is intended to be an integral part of our daily lives on earth!

Week 4: God Revealed

God has revealed Himself to mankind from the time of creation. Join me this week and let’s explore the abundance of both His existing and intended evidence in the earth.

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God’s intention has always been for His people to represent Him. He established the nation of Israel as a kingdom to whom He would demonstrate His heart and the other nations of the world could see His goodness and character. King Solomon was filled with the wisdom of God and many kings from other nations came to him for answers. Jesus came as the exact representation of the Father. Jesus said we are the light of the world and as our light shines men will see our good works and glorify God! We are the reason people see God as they do!

Week 6: More Than a State of Mind

Join me this week to hear how you can abide in the realm of the Kingdom rather than survive from miracle to miracle or rescue to rescue.

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The greatest witness is the person who draws others to God by their joy, peace, and demonstrations of love. The way we become such a witness is by abiding in the realm Jesus said is within. It is the realm where Jesus is fully Lord of our heart, and where all the resources of God are available and accessible. This is truly more than a state of mind; it is a way of living!

Week 8: Heaven Now

God designed mankind to live in pleasure. Join me this week to look at the biblical reality of living heaven on earth!

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Every person has the drive for a better quality of life. Jesus said He had come so that we could have the very best quality of life. The original language defines this to be the quality of life possessed by the One giving it. So, Jesus Himself said we can have God’s quality of life! If that is not heaven on earth I can’t imagine what would be. We can participate in the realm of the Kingdom right now and enjoy safety, protection, provision, peace – all things pertaining to life and godliness!





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