The greatest deception is not an outright lie, but a partial truth coupled with a lie.

The greatest deception is not an outright lie, but a partial truth coupled with a lie.The human tendency to accept portions of God’s Word as it is stated while twisting others to fit our personal preferences is called mixed motives. This may be the most difficult of all mindsets from which to ever gain clarity or freedom. Any time a belief or action is called into question, we point to the biblical aspect of the belief to validate its legitimacy. All we need is a small amount of truth to justify an entirely false concept and blind ourselves to the fact that it is false.

Although not consciously, we deliberately make destructive choices daily to soothe our conscience. God warned that “a little leaven leavens the entire loaf.” The Hebrew language is very clear that all truth possesses a light side and a dark side, and the way we interpret any truth is determined by whether we decide if that truth will bring us life or death. For example, the word that God gave to Moses brought life and freedom to the children of Israel, but it brought death to the Egyptians.

Jesus posed this question: “What does the Scripture say and how do you read it?” Every Word of God has the potential for life or death; the misinterpretation stems from your heart, the core of your beliefs. When you believe God’s character is consistent with His names and the life of Jesus, every word brings life.

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