The clearest expression of faith is a humble heart.

The willingness to surrender our opinion to His is one of the clearest expressions of faith in God.Jesus said, “And their eyes they have closed, Lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears.” Each of us, individually, opens and closes our heart to God based on our knowledge and trust for His character and His Word and our willingness to give up our personal agendas. When God is not who we want Him to be, we often create a false image of God. When His Word does not say what we want it to say we create a corrupt interpretation of His Word. It is impossible to understand God’s truth when attempting to make it fit into our own logic.

No one ever just reads the Bible; we read and interpret it. Many external sources are available to use as a basis for interpretation, but truth can only be grasped by the humble (teachable). To turn to God in surrender of our opinion is more than accepting a single truth or fact; it is accepting a logical thought process that is foreign to ours, even though ours is the one we trust. The willingness to surrender our opinion to His is one of the clearest expressions of faith in God.

Being teachable (humble) is simply a choice, 50% decision and 50% faith. Trust God to lead, guide, protect, and teach you every step of the way in your journey by making the decision to open your heart to God. Commitment to His Lordship is the only path by which you can follow Him as a disciple and enter into this internal realm called the Kingdom of God!

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