The Kingdom of God is only accessible through the door of the heart!

The Kingdom of God is only accessible through the door of the heart!John the Baptist proclaimed, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matt. 3:2). Repentance, in its most basic form, means: to have a change of mind. Repentance is the attitude of the teachable who are ready to surrender their closely held opinions when presented with a truth clearly supported by Scripture. Repentance is also the first key that makes it possible for us to realize there is a door which leads to the mysterious realm of the Kingdom.

To enter the Kingdom, we must first see the door. The door is an entryway which enables us to perceive the promises in the gospel, and the first requirement is to perceive the door. Unrepentant hearts cannot be led or taught of the Lord; therefore, the Holy Spirit cannot lead them to the door. Not seeing the door is justification to the carnal mind that there is no door; thus, no fulfillment for these promises, confirming that the carnal person’s way makes more logical sense than something he cannot see.

Millions of people have discovered an incredible quality of life simply by sincerely praying, “I cannot see this, but if it is real, I am willing to see it. I am asking you to open my eyes, bring me to the place to see what I cannot see now.” The door of the Kingdom, which is the heart, can only be perceived when you are ready to surrender yourself to Jesus as Lord and become His disciple.

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