Change is the only natural constant in life; it is the only key to a better tomorrow!

Change is the only natural constant in life; it is the only key to a better tomorrow!How do you change your heart? We’ve all changed our heart at one time or another but usually by default. It may not have been something we wanted or tried to do, but we can all look back at times when we know we changed. Even though we didn’t realize it, we changed because we followed the rules of the heart.

We’ve been wired so that no one can influence our heart except us. Other than what happens during our new birth experience, all of our heart changes are made by us. We live out of our sense of self, like it or not! God lives in our spirit. He only moves into the realm of our heart when faith (trust) in Him is present. Faith follows a very definable path of influencing our heart. Other people do things that influence our five senses, but it’s what we do internally with that data that determines if it becomes written on our heart.

Want to change your life? Change your heart!  Nothing outside you needs to change for you to experience success. When you change your heart (your sense of self), you’ll see the world differently. You’ll see opportunity where you once saw danger. You’ll have hope when others give up. You’ll succeed–not because of what you do–but because you’re a success in your heart!

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