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Week 1: Resolutions That Work

Most people make resolutions at the start of a new year, and unfortunately too many do not see them through to completion. What we don’t realize is that no matter how insignificant a resolution might seem, the lack of seeing it through causes something to change inside us that jeopardizes our confidence to follow through on future decisions. 

Join me this week for a biblical approach to making resolutions and you’ll know you can see them through to the end!

Week 3: Faith of God

Keeping resolutions or following through with any decision is easy when we have the faith of God! Look closely at the cursing of the fig tree and you’ll see that Jesus did not perform any ceremony or create an uproar; He simply spoke something He believed in His heart, allowed time for the result, and didn’t negate His belief by saying something contrary. Then He instructed us to do the same.

Join me this week as I show you that we do, in fact, have the same faith God has, which is the same faith Jesus has, and how it can become an effortless, natural outflow from the beliefs of your heart.

Week 5: The Authority of Man

God’s commission at the creation of man to be fruitful and multiply has a more joyful intention in the Hebrew language than many of us would realize. The original communication would be closer to “succeed at the thing your heart desires.” Where religion would have us stifled or reluctant to pursue our desires, God wants us to explore and live out our dreams to the fullest! He has given us full rule over our choices and the authority to carry them out.

Join me this week as I share insights on God’s intention for man’s authority in the earth.

Week 7: The Path of Peace and Success

Join me this week as I share how walking in true peace will bring peace to your entire household and all your relationships!

The fear (awe, respect, love, value) of the Lord leads to wisdom, and wisdom is the practical application of truth. Peace is a tranquil state of mind that comes from knowing you are connected to God and His resources. When we maintain our connection with God we will seek to apply His truth in a way that keeps us on the path of peace.

Week 9: Insight for Success

“Join me this week as I share how you can find success by valuing the input of your spouse and those around you! For this month’s special offer, click here: Excellent for individual or group study!

Being alone is more than simply being without another person; it is being without another person whom you trust and value enough to share your heart and listen to theirs. How many famous people have you heard of that come to their career’s or even their own ultimate demise because they would not heed the advice or opinions of others? When God provided Adam with a “helper” named Eve in the Garden of Eden, He was providing more than just a personal assistant or laborer.”

Week 2: The Power of Making Decisions

Humankind is the only species in all the earth which can change their quality of life by making decisions. We are created in God’s image and have been given authority and dominion in the earth. Unfortunately, many have been confused and hindered by the religious doctrine of sovereignty, and have come to doubt their own authority and decisions. God is indeed sovereign, but He is not a liar. He gave authority in the earth to man; He would go against His word to take it back.

Join me this week as I lay the foundation for you to have confident, excellent, successful decision making skills!

Week 4: Co-Creators With God

There are two foundational laws of faith that affect everything we believe about God and about ourselves. The first is the Creation account as recorded in Genesis; the second is the Creation of man in the likeness and image of God. Only as we accept that we are created in God’s image can we see that we too are creators. We create the world around us moment by moment. God’s intention was for us to be successful and blessed. He gave us the right, privilege, and responsibility to create the world we desire.

Join me this week as I share truth about mankind’s ability to change things in the earth and from where that ability originated.

Week 6: Holistic Success

Join me this week as I share tools you can use to bring success to your entire life!

True success is not meant to be limited to one area of life while leaving other areas failing or suffering. True success is holistic; meaning every area of life is harmonious with the values of all other aspects of life.

Week 8: The Unbeatable Business Plan

Join me this week as I share the secret to the best, unbeatable business plan for yourself and your entire household!

God has both masculine and feminine attributes; He is both powerful and nurturing. In creating man then taking woman from a part of him to provide a mate, He created a divine team which is designed to stimulate the greatest success for both parties as we honor each other’s strengths.

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7. The Path of Peace and Success

by Dr. Jim Richards | Resolutions That Work

2. The Power of Making Decisions

by Dr. Jim Richards | Resolutions That Work