Making money is a skill, being successful is an identity!

Real success is a state, not a goal, and is easily and naturally replicated by the person who “IS” a success.All sustainable success requires a change at some level. To succeed at that which we have never done, we must think and believe differently and acquire new skills. To continue with the same beliefs and skills keeps us at our current levels of success.  What’s worse, if the demands of a job or business change, staying at the same skill and belief level may be the cause of our failure. Adaptability isn’t just a prerequisite for a new endeavor; it is essential for maintaining success in a changing market. When we follow the rules of transformation, change can be easy and enjoyable.

Self-worth is the key factor in whether a change is perceived as a danger or an opportunity. Sustainable success is nearly always the result of a combination of character and skills development, which is an expression of flexibility and adaptability, which are the fruit of self-worth and self-confidence.

Success can come through individual experiences, but then there is the person who “IS” a success. The two may look alike on the outside, but one is an achievement while the other is a state of being. Where the two begin to look very different is when one seeks to sustain success or duplicate it in a new endeavor. Real success is a state, not a goal, and is easily and naturally replicated by the person who “IS” a success.

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