Peace is the compass that leads us down the paths we can trust!

Peace is the compass that leads us down the paths we can trust!Our first misunderstanding about peace is: peace is not a goal; it’s a state of being, and it’s internal. If peace is approached as a goal, it becomes another variable based on external factors over which we must gain control. It puts us back in the force mode. If we force everything and everyone around us to be and do what we want, then we have false peace. When we are at peace with God and ourselves, we abide in a habitual state of peace entirely independent of external factors.

The New Testament instructs us to follow the “way of peace“ when it says, “Let the peace of God rule in your hearts!” This “peace” means “to arbitrate, rule or umpire.” In baseball, the umpire determines if the ball is safe or foul! Our heart can give us wisdom beyond our intelligence. When we recognize that the wisdom that comes from beyond ourselves is from God, we can’t help but trust and follow His way of peace. God always leads us on the path of peace.

The way of peace may be foreign in the beginning, but in the end, it’s the safest, most enjoyable path you can ever walk. Of the many paths in life, some lead to destruction, others to costly success, but only the way of peace leads to a success that is suited ideally for you! Never abandon it, and you’ll be rich in every area of your life!

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