The ability to sustain financial success apart from personal development is rare.

The occasional successes that exceed our sense of self create stress, tension, fear, worry, and a host of other destructive emotions. Thus, the wisdom of God’s Word: The prosperity of fools shall destroy them.” I often meet people who’ve succeeded at something…a business or good paying job. They may have been at the right place at the right time, or they may be hard workers. It doesn’t take away from their legitimate success, but they can be achievements due to a particular skill or unique opportunity.

Personal development is key, and to have the types of success that don’t require personal development can be seductive. It can make us feel that we know more than we really know! As much as I hate to compare people who’ve succeeded at anything to those who win the lottery, there are uncanny similarities. They both discover that having money without personal development creates unsustainable wealth! The single skill that brought them their current level of success was not enough to take them out into new arenas or sustain what they had already achieved.

Pursue character development. When you develop yourself in the process of your current successes, you are always poised to step out into the next venture that takes you to the next level and retain that which you have already gained!

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