We should celebrate Christmas in a way that honors the birth of Christ.We all know December 25th is a pagan holiday, but that doesn’t make everyone who celebrates it is a pagan. The early church struggled with what day to set aside to worship: the actual Sabbath or another day. After all the theological wrangling Paul said, “Let him who regards the day, regard it unto the Lord.” The truth is, even when you’re doing what the Bible says to do if it is not from your heart unto the Lord it is no different than any pagan act.

The real question we should be asking is not, “Should we celebrate Christmas?” The real question is, “How should I celebrate Christmas?” We should celebrate Christmas in a way that honors the birth of Christ.

I recommend you select five things you can do when your family gathers for Christmas that will focus the attention on Christ. Don’t make it insultingly religious, but enjoyable and reveals something about the love of God though the birth of our Savior!

JOIN ME this week, and we will find ways to give new purpose to your celebration of Christmas.



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