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This Month in CyberChurch: Dealing with Discouragement

Week 1: Winning the Wrong Battle

In his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” Steven Covey talked about people who spend their life climbing the ladder only to reach the top and discover their ladder was leaning on the wrong building. There is nothing sadder than to watch people try really hard to get the life they want, but they don’t realize they are trying hard at the wrong things; and there’s nothing more frustrating than to be trying really hard, but never seeing the desired results!

Join me this week and I will help you discover what battle you need to win to have the life you desire. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you win only to discover you won the wrong battle.

Week 2: Dealing with Discouragement

Everyone goes through times of discouragement and despair. So often in those times we make bad choices that further exacerbate our pain. It is often in these times we write things on our heart that keep us locked into a life that is less than we want and less than God has provided. The quicker we can pull out of discouragement the less likely we are to cause more pain and destruction.

Join me this week and I’ll show you how to win over discouragement and move on to the life Jesus died to give you!

Week 3: Christmas With a Purpose

People constantly complain about Christmas: it’s too commercialized, Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th, and on and on. None of that really matters! What matters is whether or not you are bringing real purpose to your Christmas celebration. Christmas is what you make it.

Join me this week and I’ll share some ways to bring real purpose to your Christmas. You can make it carnal and commercial, or you can make it a spiritual celebration that will affect your children and grandchildren their entire lives.

Week 4: Finding the Path of Life

Life is a journey. Like every journey, we come to many forks in the road and must choose which path we will walk. Sadly, few people use the tools God provided so we could know in advance the outcome of the path we have chosen. When we use God’s tools, we can avoid those paths that look great in the beginning, only end in failure, pain, and loss of the things and people we value.

Join me this week and I will share God’s truth about how to stay on the path of life, wherein there is no death, destruction, or loss!