If you don’t like what’s growing in the garden, plant different seeds!

If you don’t like what’s growing in the garden, plant different seeds!Personal choice and responsibility are strikingly present in every book of the Bible. We choose life or death, blessing or cursing; we choose to hold on to painful offenses or send them away. God never violates our choices. When we refuse to choose, we are left to the natural progression of the world which always leans toward death. It is this very issue of personal choice and responsibility that the majority of Christian groups simply refuse to accept. All Kingdom principles rely on personal choice.

God’s people suffer because they are ignoring the finished work of Jesus, asking questions God already answered, asking God to do what He has already done, or they are waiting for God to do their part! Many people will challenge the responsibility of choice with the accusation, “You’re leaving God out. You’ve got to wait until you know His will.” As spiritual and humble as that sounds, it is just the opposite. When we know the New Covenant provision and promises, we realize God has already made His choices and done all of His part of the process (the finished work of Jesus). His part is finished…ours is not!

You still must make your own decisions to receive and participate in what God is doing. That decision is a decision of trust (faith). Trusting that your inheritance is secure in Christ is your absolute assurance that your desires can and will be fulfilled without the sacrifice of your virtue. You can walk with God and have your desires fulfilled in a godly manner that does not bring death, destruction, or pain to you or to the world around you.

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