By BEING who we are in Christ, we DO what produces life.At no other time than the dawn of each new year do more people put forth more effort for such little gain. For years, I’ve preached that grace is the power for effortless change to Christians who insist life should be, and therefore is, hard, which makes change nearly impossible.  On top of it, they believe change only comes through hard work or force of will.

Every new year brings about a new resolve to achieve the same, unmet goals from the year prior, only to quit again when the effort outweighs the benefit. I’ve talked with countless Christians who spend year after year trying to have the outcome God promises but are left feeling worn out, disappointed, and even deceived.

Grace is God’s power enabling us to do what we can’t do on our own.  More specifically, it empowers us to be who we are in Christ. By BEING who we are in Christ, we DO what produces life.  Yet most Christians are focused on DOING, not BEING, and it’s just too hard.  The secret to effortless change is: by expending our effort on being who we are in Him, change naturally follows, and we can always have the outcome we desire.

JOIN ME this week. I want to share with you about the Path of Life. It’s easy, light and free from pain and destruction.