Millions of times a day we’re making decisions, many of which are automated based on the internal logic of our bodies.  A smaller portion is conscious decisions, or resolutions made purposefully with certain intentions. And just as our physical processes are automated, our decision-making follows an equally particular logic.

The operating system of a computer is built on a certain logic determined by its creator.  Likewise, we also were created based on a certain logic by our Creator. So why do we not achieve the same results as our Creator?  We have been reprogrammed.

Man’s internal programming was initially wired by that which always brings life, and our every decision resulted in wholistic success.  Fear and unbelief were, and continue to be, the influential factors in reprogramming that which once worked in perfect harmony with our original design. For our resolutions to be successful – for our every decision to bring life – we must yield our fear and unbelief to the faith and love of our Creator.

JOIN ME this week as we discuss a biblical approach to making resolutions that you know you can see through to the end!