All the promises of God are real, but they aren’t real to us until they’re real to our heart!

Reality does not necessarily happen in our mind; it happens in our heart. When a promise becomes real in our heart, unbelief has turned into faith, an immovable certainty. Many times when I experienced supernatural healing, it was real to me years before I experienced it in my physical body. It didn’t become more real when it manifested physically, because I was already living in it as my reality.

Reality does not necessarily happen in our mind; it happens in our heart. If we’re going to live out of our heart as the Bible teaches, we must understand all truth inside the paradox. For example, faith and works are a continuum which always exists within the paradox. Receiving a miracle in our heart and in our body isn’t two separate expressions of the continuum, nor are they cause and effect; they’re the continuum of the same reality in two different ways.

Everything in the Kingdom happens based on the principles of the law of the seed. The fruit of a seed doesn’t just pop up out of the ground, and suddenly a stem, leaves, and fruit appear. Within the seed lies the potential fruit because you have planted that seed in the soil of your heart. For the seed to take root, transform, and produce fruit, it must be real in your heart, with an immovable certainty; THEN, it will become real in the world around you.

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