The creative man notices what others take for granted.

Inspiration is an issue of the heart; it’s that flash of an idea, the sudden rush of understanding, that seems to come from nowhere only to find a perfect home in our mind.

Jesus gave us insight into the one key for capturing inspiration: to think, study, and meditate on it. The degree of thought and study we give to what we hear determines the degree of life that will come back to us. Research tells us that we have about 12 hours to take ownership of or in some way implement the inspiration we see or hear before we lose it. If we respond to inspiration by thinking about it—what it would look like, how we could do it, and see ourselves putting it into practice–we personalize it, take ownership of it, conceptualize it, and make it ours. These actions allow the inspiration to grow in the soil of our heart and bear the fruit of a realized dream!

When you get an idea, immediately write it down. As someone once said, “The most faded ink is better than the clearest memory”; just the act of writing affects your memory. Then take a few minutes and write every creative thought that comes to you concerning your inspiration. Don’t stop writing until the ideas stop flowing. When your heart is looking for opportunity but not pushing, when it’s open to creativity but not forcing, when you get in that paradox of being ready to run but in complete rest, it’s amazing what you’ll hear bubble up from your heart.

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