3. Get The Rock Out Of Your Shoe
God wants us to be able to move past the pain of our bad decisions. In order to do that, we must first identify and own it. Then, we have to decide what we will do with it – send it away or keep it and allow it to destroy our lives.

Once we make a bad decision, it’s like having a rock in our shoe. When there’s a rock in our shoe, in order to remove it, we have to take hold of it and throw it away, otherwise, it irritates us and causes continued problems. Jesus has already died for every sin we’ve ever committed or will commit, and He’s already paid the price for every decision we’ve ever made. We can enter into that by faith and then experience God’s grace (His power working in us) to overcome the pain of those choices.

You can overcome the bad decisions that have been affecting your life, come out on top, and get your life back on track. I want to give you the tools to help!

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