Overcoming Bad Decisions


Nothing defines the human race more than our capacity to make decisions and change the course of our lives. According to the ancient sages, this is when we demonstrate that we are created in God’s likeness and image.

Few people realize the power that is released with every decision we make. We fail to realize that we change the course of our lives, good or bad, with every decision. With just one decision, we can set our lives on or off course and possibly never even realize how or when it happened!

In this incredible series, I will equip you to:

  • Make positive, life-altering decisions
  • Harness the power of God to establish your choices
  • Overcome destructive decisions
  • Always make the right decision
  • Experience a new level of confidence in every decision
  • Know what to do in every situation

The believer’s ultimate destiny begins when we put on our new man, created in the likeness and image of God. This only happens when we are willing to make decisions and know they will come to pass.

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