2. The Wrath Of Angry Men
We all make bad decisions. When we do, God doesn’t beat us up, put us down, or try to make us feel guilty. However, the people around us often do. Some people use our failures as an opportunity to express their envies and jealousies towards us, in order to build themselves up, making it difficult for us to overcome our bad decisions by making new and good choices. Unfortunately, God is usually blamed for the actions of angry, wrathful people. But the Bible tells us that God teaches us by His Word and His Spirit. He brings us to repentance by His goodness and His kindness, not by anger and wrath.

David made some horrible decisions, and he suffered the consequences for the rest of his life. At one point, David even believed God was telling people to be cruel to him. However, after dealing with his issues from a biblical perspective, David no longer believed it was God and was set free to live out his calling.

You, too, can move past the consequences of your bad decisions. You can live your dreams. There may be people who want to keep you down and throw your mistakes in your face, but they cannot keep you from fulfilling your calling and living your destiny.

You can break free from the wrath of man, overcome your bad decisions, and live in the peace of God. And I want to help! Watch this week’s CyberChurch message to find out how.

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