Quote for Blog - 090616Legalism is never a problem with the Word of God; it is a problem with how we relate to it. Without God’s truth giving us absolute morals, values, justice and everything we need for orderly life the world would disintegrate into chaos, which is what’s happening today. The more society abandons God’s prescription for morals, values and standards the more destructive it becomes.

Even under the law the only problem with the law was the flesh. In the flesh men attempted to earn righteousness by their own strength and determination and it was impossible. But what few people today acknowledge is there were those who approached God by faith, many of whom are listed in Hebrews 11. They understood and trusted the true nature of God.

God’s name and His Word are inseparable from Him as an individual. His name and His Word define His character and goodness. His name and His Word are expressions of His love for mankind. So, we can make His Word life or death to us based on how we approach it. Is it a prescription for how to walk in love or is it a ritual whereby I earn something from God? These two attitudes determine if we come by faith or dead works.

When we see God’s Word interpreted and applied by Jesus as a light that shows us how to have a great life, how to answer life’s most important questions and our true purpose on earth, it will change the way we relate to God, others and ourselves. CLICK HERE to join me today for Light Reveals Love. Gain a new appreciation for Jesus and open your understanding to God’s Word.