“The Lord by wisdom has founded the earth” (Pro. 3:19).

God has given us a blueprint for exactly how to experience a Divine Life.“Righteousness” is the foundation of creation & “wisdom” is the heart that discerns & applies righteousness for the right reasons. God wants us to live & function in righteousness for our benefit (not for His), because He loves us. God has given us a blueprint for exactly how to experience a Divine Life.

Righteousness and wisdom are interlinked. Righteousness is at the heart of everything God is & everything He does. Light, life, & health are the expressions how “they ought to be.” Wisdom is about how to walk in righteousness, motivated by love, & all the health implications that come from applying wisdom to our life. All of creation has wisdom programmed into its very energy and fabric since the time of conception; we only need to live out of our righteous nature by applying God’s wisdom in order to experience it.

In this series, I’ll show you what to believe about God, yourself, others, & how to always have Divine Life if you live from your heart & the motive of love. You can do all the right things for all the wrong reasons, & it won’t produce the peace, joy, happiness, & fulfillment that only true righteousness can produce when it’s from the heart.

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