The world is becoming what we believe and expect it to be.

The world is becoming what we believe and expect it to be.We know Biblically and scientifically that we’re in an interaction with Planet Earth. The energies that affect the entire world are continually altered by the beliefs, perceptions, & expectations of the entire human race, individually & collectively. This supports God’s decree in Genesis 1:26 to give us dominion over Planet Earth.

The earth was created to be in harmony with God & man. It was, therefore, created from the foundation of righteousness. Because we’re created in the likeness & image of God, on a certain level, we had to have the power of creation to make choices, to trust God, & to rule in harmony with the way God instructs. By ruling in a harmonious way with God’s wisdom, we guarantee the outcome to be good, to produce the quality of life God promises we can have in Jesus.  In fact, Jesus called it the “abundant life!”

God is faithful to His word in that every word He speaks has the power in it to bring about what He speaks; therefore, when you believe this and take His word into your heart, it becomes a seed that has the power to produce after its own kind.

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