Every man lives by faith, but not necessarily faith in God!

Faith trusts what God says because it trusts who God is.One of our greatest challenges is to have more faith in God than our personal opinions.

Faith is man’s response of trust to God, based on His testimony of Himself. Faith trusts what God says because it trusts who God is. Our every decision is made based on what we believe and trust. Since faith is a function of the heart, whether it is faith in God or faith in our personal feelings and opinions, it has the power to make what we believe come to pass. We all live by faith; it is just rarely faith in God and the wisdom of His counsel.

Religion is man’s attempt to evoke a response from God based on a formula, ritual, or personal performance and is rooted in man’s opinion of God. Man’s opinion is a vain imagination, and it is this imagination wherein man creates false religions, idols, and faulty concepts of God. When we trust God more than we trust ourselves, we realize how easy and beneficial it is to admit they we may not have a single opinion about any aspect of our life that is actually in harmony with the Word of God.

Your response to one of God’s most important questions: “Who has believed our report?” is always a response of either faith or religion. Ask yourself these questions: Where did I get my beliefs about God and every aspect of life? Do I personally and diligently study to ensure my beliefs align with God’s Word? Do I allow others to influence my view of life and God? If so, who? Do they validate their opinion with the Word of God? How you answer these questions largely determines whether your decisions are based in faith or in your own opinion.

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