We only believe what we can see, and we can only see what we are willing to see!

We only believe what we can see, and we can only see what we are willing to see!One of the ways Jesus brings recovery is by opening the eyes of the blind. Mark 6:41 says, “When He had taken the five loaves and the two fish, He looked up to heaven, blessed and broke the loaves….” In the original language, this phrase actually says, “He looked into heaven and recovered His sight.”

Our heart is the seat of our insight, perception, understanding, and faith. A broken heart twists our perception, and our blindness is the darkness that makes truth unclear. Although our broken heart may be imprisoned by darkness and we cannot see, our freedom of choice is always intact. At any time, we can open our hearts to God and recover our sight to see and perceive, to hear and understand.

Understand that if you want your eyes open to see God’s perfect plan for your life, you yourself must open them. The moment you make a choice to simply be open to God, He is free to work in your life; only then can you perceive the Kingdom of God.

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