Quote for Blog - 070616There are just a few reasons most people’s prayer lives grow cold and then come to a painful end. First and foremost, when we don’t see results we grow tired of doing anything. In the Book of Job the question was asked, “What profit do we have if we pray?” For too many believers prayer is something done from obligation with no real expectation of benefiting. The second reason may be that people don’t find a way to fit prayer into real life and people only habitually do that which fits into real life. While we will all have times of setting ourselves apart, the truth is most of our prayers are on the go or in brief periods of seclusion. Once a person gains the ability to connect with Jesus in their heart in a matter of seconds, they find great benefit in brief prayers. Remember, Jesus said you would not be heard because you said a lot of words, i.e. it isn’t how long you pray. Probably the next prayer killer is: the way we pray is just boring.

God’s Word compares our prayer and intimacy with Him to intimacy with our spouse. After 40 years of couples’ counseling I can tell that most people who sat across my desk had very limited capacity for intimacy. Having intimacy with God, just like intimacy in a marriage, requires a lot of creativity, flexibility and some spontaneity. Likewise, we must be open, paying attention to the leading of the Holy Spirit and listening for the still, small voice of God.

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