Quote for Blog - 070716This question reflects lack of understanding about the actual definition of prayer. The Bible tells us to pray when we are sick, when we’re suffering, when we’re tempted, when we’re facing lack… we are to pray about everything, and without ceasing. But in New Covenant prayer we aren’t trying to get God to respond to us, we’re responding to what He has done in Jesus. Check out my newest series on prayer: New Covenant Prayer: How to Set Your Life in Order. Click Here for more information!

Remember, the Hebrew word for prayer means “to judge/assess and reconcile.”  We are called to look at anything in our life and determine if it’s in line with the promises of God. If not, we need to reconcile it in our heart and then take the appropriate action: binding or loosing! But be sure to reconcile it in your heart before you attempt to reconcile it in the physical world. In Mark, when Jesus fed the 5000, He was tempted to waver. After all, He was looking at the available resources and then looking at the need. There was barely enough food for five people, much less 5000.

The Bible says He looked up to Heaven, blessed and broke the loaves. (Mark 6:41) He didn’t multiply the loaves until His heart had recovered sight. That’s the phrase that’s used in the original language. In prayer we recover sight; we release our natural view and opinion and see the situation from God’s view. When that happens we’re ready to work miracles in our own life.

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