Quote for Blog - 070816You’re absolutely right! So much of what’s been taught about prosperity has been nothing but greed. However, one historical weakness of the Church has been to react to an extreme concept of the truth so violently that something that’s clearly in the Word is completely rejected. Then the next generation does the same thing.

There are dozens of Scriptures that promise God’s provision and prosperity. God even says of Himself, “I give you the power to get wealth.” But He also says, “Prosperity (or the easy life it brings) is the destruction of a fool.” So where is the reality?

The reality is that poverty is the destruction of the poor. The wicked rule over the earth because they have the wealth. Poverty moves people to greed and envy. The way to protect our heart and prosper is to seek generosity first. If our generosity grows with our prosperity it will never hurt us; in fact, it will be a blessing to many!

The issue of provision is important enough that Jesus taught us to deal with this in prayer as a way to avoid temptation. This week in New Covenant Provision you’ll learn what Jesus taught about our provision in God. You may, like thousands of others, open your heart to an entirely different quality of life. To step into our CyberChurch message Click Here!