In our time of need we cannot see God as our strength, deliverer and protector if, in our time of ease, we casually and vainly call ourselves by the name of the Lord.The commandments say “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.” The Hebrews held the name of God in such high regard they would not say it for fear of mispronouncing it and incurring wrath. This mindset clearly reveals they were still functioning under religious beliefs they learned in Egypt. The fear they projected onto God was exactly what the pagan gods demanded; however, God was holy, uncommon, completely unlike any of the false gods.

They, like us, had been set free to have a relationship with a loving Father who treated them as His children. Their greatest responsibility to the world was to demonstrate what it meant to walk with God, the Creator. Taking God’s name in vain very probably was more about calling yourself by the name of God and living like a pagan.

Identifying with the name of God vainly destroys faith in the heart of the believer. JOIN ME this week and we will discover what it means to believe in The Name of Jesus!