This Month: 4 independent, heart-to-heart messages

1. The Heart Factor

One of the most important things in any endeavor is to discover what the most important thing is. The most important factor in our relationship with God is having a real heart-to-heart relationship. In fact, when looking at verses about love, faith, identity, obedience, and pretty much every other aspect of our life the one common denominator is a reference to the heart!

Sadly, the modern world has little concept of what it even means to believe in the heart, live from the heart, or connect to God from the heart! Our involvement with God is only imaginary if it is not from our heart. All God offers us through His promises only work when they are embraced in our heart. Join me this week as we explore The Heart Factor: the one factor that must be present for us to experience that which God freely gives.

3. Footprints on Your Heart

How many times have we heard someone say, “That person walked all over me”? That’s actually a phrase taken from the Bible. God’s Word warns that our heart can become chaotic and confused as a result of the footprints left on our heart by the people who have walked on it. These scars on our heart affect us at the deepest level of who we are; they affect our ability to see God as He is and to see ourselves as we really are! Everything Jesus taught was aimed at healing our broken hearts. Join me this week and discover how to erase the footprints on your heart and leave that pain behind!

2. The Abiding Presence of God

God promises He will never leave us, fail us, or forsake us. If that is true why do we so often feel alone, struggling, and abandoned in our time of need? We have become so accustomed to living by our five senses that we have lost our capacity to realize any other reality!

The ability to perceive God is something that occurs in our heart, yet sadly, we seem to have lost the ability to recognize this part of our being! Our heart is not a part of who we are; it IS WHO WE REALLY ARE. The reality is our lack of awareness of God’s presence is a direct manifestation of not having an awareness of who we really are. Join me this week and discover the secret of experiencing your true identity as well as experiencing the abiding presence of God.

4. Your Greatest Untapped Resource

About twenty years ago I was deeply moved by a story about a man who lived in dire poverty and distress all his life. He eventually sold the land he inherited from his family and was rendered homeless, dying in utter poverty. The person who bought his land discovered that, almost in plain sight, the land was filled with diamonds. He obviously became incredibly wealthy. Like the man who lived in lack and died in poverty, almost every married person I’ve talked to doesn’t realize that he or she has nearly unlimited resources at their disposal! They don’t know where to look, and they don’t know how to mine them. Join me this week as I help you discover your greatest untapped resource!