The root of all our struggles is what we believe. In the Bible, fruit is always a reference to that which we express to the world around us, i.e., behavior, attitudes or the way we talk to others. Religion focuses on the fruit. The religious legalist condemns “bad fruit” and insists that self-control is the solution. Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit, but it does not produce a permanent victory.

Permanent victory is when there is no bad fruit growing, nothing to resist, no battle to fight. Far too many believers spend too much time and effort attempting to win the struggle against undesirable fruit. But the real goal should be to cut the root and destroy the tree.

The root of all our struggles is what we believe. As we come to see ourselves in Jesus and experience His righteousness, the tree producing the bad fruit dies from a lack of nourishment. Picking the fruit from a tree will never make the fruit stop growing; it will always return.

JOIN ME this week, and I’ll help you discover how to win at the battle that makes the difference. Together we’ll lay the ax to the root, and you can put an end to the fruit you want to eradicate!