Since faith is in God, what we are willing to believe for is related to our beliefs about God...The New Testament describes four different kinds of faith: little faith, vain faith, great faith and dead faith. Each of these describes a quality of faith more than a quantity. After all, Jesus said all we needed was faith the size of a mustard seed! His emphasis was on how little faith it takes to get the desired result. Little faith is willing to believe for little things. Since faith is in God, what we are willing to believe for is related to our beliefs about God; therefore, little faith is little trust in God. Vain faith is when one actually believes the truth but they don’t believe until the fulfillment of their faith. Therefore, it is in vain. Vain faith is so deadly, because the person can look back and argue: I really did believe but it didn’t work!

Dead faith is a belief that doesn’t produce any fruit. Beliefs of the heart, i.e. faith always produces fruit after its own kind. For example, if a person says they believe they are righteous in Christ yet doesn’t yield to righteousness their faith is dead. Great faith is faith that believes God independently of circumstance. It doesn’t need confirmations. All subsequent actions are the natural fruit of the belief! It believes until there is a manifestation.

When activating faith by acknowledging, owning and experiencing all the good things in us in Christ we affect our heart. When faith enters the heart grace comes alive and we are empowered to live, be and manifest that which we believe! This moves us from dead faith to great faith. This is faith activated!

We all expect our faith to produce a result. JOIN ME this week and awaken your faith. As faith comes alive grace will manifest the promise of God!