Anything that violates your conscience will damage your trust for God.There are three things to protect your faith. Anything that violates your conscience will damage your trust for God. Our tendency is to believe God sees us as we see ourselves. Therefore, the Bible warns many times about how we affect our conscience! Never think or do anything that would cause you to feel about or see yourself as less than the righteousness of God in Christ! Always acknowledge and yield to the good things that are in you in Christ!

Totally avoid any teaching that promotes any image of God that cannot be seen through the life, teaching, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. He is the exact representation of God. No matter what a great picture someone paints of God, if it is not rooted in Christ, the momentary benefits will eventually give way to deception.

Subjective interpretation of Scripture is never trustworthy. Your experience is not evidence of the truth. Many people expose themselves to error and then, because it made them feel good, accept it as truth. Error always contains an element of truth while it ever-so-subtly twists us away from our focus on Jesus and His interpretation and application of God’s Word.

Just think how positive it sounded when the serpent told Adam and Eve they could be like God. That was a partial truth. They already were like God, but instead of trusting God’s process they sought another path. Legalism and mysticism both have elements of truth, but they both lead us away from Jesus as the focus of our faith: the former puts all the responsibility on you and the latter puts no responsibility on you.

JOIN ME this week and learn to make Jesus the focus of your hopes and faith. Choose to only accept a concept of God that is consistent with how Jesus presented Him. Only believe a doctrine that can be verified by Jesus’ life, teaching, death, burial and resurrection and your faith will always be strong.