all Biblical faith has its roots in trust  for the character and nature of God.Faith is a word that has both secular and scriptural meaning. In general, we think of faith as a general belief in a particular outcome. This concept of faith is very similar to positive thinking. Unfortunately, we have applied the secular definition of faith to the Bible act. This may account for the many inconsistencies experienced by people who truly believe they are in faith yet fail to see the outcome for which they believe. Positive thinking is not wrong or bad; it is actually emotionally and physically healthy. It can contribute to faith, but it isn’t scriptural faith!

Biblical faith has many different concepts based on the context in which it is used. Biblically, faith is trust, therefore, all Biblical faith has its roots in trust for the character and nature of God. In various contexts, faith is applied with slight variations, all of which trust, i.e., fully believe what God says about a specific promise or provision.

For the New Covenant believer, faith in the promises of God is based on what one believes about the resurrection of Jesus. We know the name of God reveals Him as a healer; we know He healed in the Old Testament; we know He healed under Jesus Ministry; but most importantly, we know He conquered sin, sickness, death and disease through the resurrection. We are in Him, therefore we share that same resurrection power. JOIN ME this week and base your faith squarely on the power of resurrection life!

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