We live in the reality we believe and accept.The glory of God means so many things: greatness, splendor, brightness and attributes that pertain to majesty. But all of these factors exist around the fact that these are all God’s chosen realities. God chose His own reality, we can enter into that reality when we choose to believe His truth (Word) above what we see, feel and experience.

Jesus trusted the Scriptures about His resurrection more than the fact that He was dead, in Hades and had become our sin. As we read Jonah chapter 2 we observe the intense physical and emotional struggle warring against Jesus through His circumstances. But God had another reality written in His Word concerning Jesus just as He does concerning you.

We live in the reality we believe and accept. Jonah 2:8 says, those who observe lying vanities forsake their own mercies. Jesus could have surrendered to the reality He faced; instead He held and persuaded Himself of God’s view, opinion, greatness, and splendor and that is what He ultimately experienced.  JOIN ME this week and discover God’s reality for you and experience your own personal resurrection just as Jesus did.